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Wind Energy Systems

Moving Air is called wind. Wind is global phenomenon occurring on the earth’s surface due to unequal heating of various parts of the earth’s surface by the sun. Wind speed and direction vary in the short and long term. There is a variation in minute to minute. Wind is affected by the terrain and by height above the ground. Wind speed generally increases with the height above the ground as wind moving across the earth’s surface encounters friction caused by the turbulent flow over and around the mountains, hills, trees, buildings etc.

The power contained in the wind can be harnessed for mechanical application such as water pumping or for generation of electricity, through wind turbine generators designed for specific purpose.

Wind is one of most prevalent untapped natural resource of energy in Oman and in the Middle East. Some of the areas in the region have very good potential of wind energy, which is quite promising for installing wind generators.

OSS has designed, supplied and installed the first 10KW Wind Powered Electrical Water Pumping System in Oman for Ministry of Water Resources (MWR) at Heelat Ar Rakah Camp, Thumrait in December 1996. This system was installed for research activity to assess the use of brackish groundwater for crop irrigation by harnessing wind energy in the region. By use of this system, it has been established that Wind energy or wind/solar (hybrid) energy can be used successfully for the abstraction of groundwater in remote locations and can be used for irrigation and community development purposes.

These systems can be designed based on the customer energy requirements and have the

  • Low Maintenance Design
  • Nearly silent operation
  • Excellent low wind performance
  • Autofurl automatic storm Protection
  • State-of-the-art airfoil
  • Direct-Drive Neodymium PM Alternator
  • Power Center Multi-Function Controller
  • Battery-friendly Opticharge Regulation
  • Optional Integrated Sine Inverter