Solar Power System for Industrial Application

Telecom Sector

In remote and inaccessible areas, day and night, through all kinds of weather, solar power systems are used to keep communications channels open the world over. Reliability, low maintenance requirements and proven ability to provide continuous power in virtually all environments, have led to the use of solar power in telecommunications systems of every size and type.

Oman Solar Systems (OSS) is the leading supplier of Solar Power Systems for telecommunication industry in their rapid expansion of communications in rural and remote areas in Oman, UAE and other GCC countries.

OSS offers complete solution to the Telecom Industry by providing:

  • Dependable and robust solar power systems for Telecom networks
  • Proven system engineering to provide reliable, low maintenance, cost effective power
  • Typically power loads from small powered wireless terminals to several kilowatts systems for backbone repeater stations
  • Applications can be varied as Rural Payphones and Single Subscriber Telephones to multi-access Radio, Digital & Analogue Microwave Repeaters, Domestic Satellite, Radio, Telemetry Systems and Fibre Optic Repeaters
  • Solutions customized to meet specific needs
  • Assured quality and conformity to international standards

Various Application

  • Cellular/GSM Repeaters
  • Microwave Repeaters
  • Wireless Local Loop (WLL)
  • VSATs
  • UHF/VHF Radio Repeaters
  • Fiber Optic Repeaters
  • Earth Stations
  • TV Translators
  • Relay Stations
  • Call Boxes

Solar systems for telecom equipment

To support the public telecommunication network, both mobile and fixed spread over a vast area, telecom equipment viz. Microwave repeaters, LD repeaters, GSM base stations etc are powered through standalone solar photovoltaic power systems because of high degree of reliability and low maintenance. Generally these sites are kept at high altitudes to provide better coverage and most of them are accessed by helicopter where providing conventional power becomes impossible because of terrain and cost.

These solar systems consist of highly efficient solar modules, Sealed VRLA batteries, Passive cooled enclosures or shelters, Microprocessor based charge controller with remote monitoring and control facilities for monitoring the system performance from the central control station through telephone lines. Passive cooled shelter or enclosure is designed to maintain the operating temperature of the telecom equipment and batteries up to a maximum of 38 deg. C under certain ambient conditions. This improves the battery life as battery temperature directly affects the battery life in high ambient environment.

Solar Powered Payphone booths

This is common application for powering payphone booths with solar in remote areas, highways or otherwise where providing conventional power for small requirement becomes difficult. The solar system is designed to provide continuous power to telecom equipment and power to light in the night. These systems are economical and most reliable to power payphone equipment in the remote area.

Solar Powered VSAT phone

With evolution of the telecommunication technology, VSAT phone are also becoming common to even connect remotest of the villages/regions to telephone network. These systems are powered through stand-alone solar power system, as they require very less maintenance.