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Passive Cooled Shelters

In a wide range of conditions, including desert climates or other geographic locations where daily temperature excursions are high, Passive cooling offers the most reliable and cost-effective solution for a favorable environment for electronic equipment. Shelter Passive Cooling relies on high technological standards, offers the longest operating life for telecommunication stations. In conclusion, passively cooled Shelters truly deserve to be defined as Shelters. The Passive Cooled Shelters are custom designed and manufactured based on the heat dissipation characteristic of equipment to be in housed and the ambient temperature required.

Electronic equipment is supposed to perform reliably over long periods of time in unmanned isolated and hardly accessible locations. Passive Cooling is the clever use of a few well-known physical phenomena in order to:

  • Limit the range of temperature oscillations inside the Shelter regardless of daily thermal excursions.
  • Provide an easy way to remove heat by transferring it from inside to outside the shelter.

The first objective is achieved by combining thermal insulation with heat capacity. Shelter walls are the sandwich type and contain the proper thickness of insulating material. Heat capacity is provided by adding a water tank, since water has the highest known specific heat over a wide temperature range. In special cases, Phase Change Materials are used for this purpose. In fact, at certain well-defined temperature levels, these materials show an even higher apparent heat than water. However, this only occurs within very narrow temperature ranges owing to the latent heat involved in phase changes at these temperatures.

Second objective is achieved by naturally circulating water through a circuit where different levels correspond to different temperatures. This scheme is well-known under the name of Thermosiphon.

Electronic equipment housed inside shelters at remote sites far from conventional power lines are generally powered by solar panels. Controlling the temperature to less than 40°C inside a shelter is of the highest priority to improve the performance of electronic equipment inside. The equipment dissipates heat during its operation in addition to the heat absorbed from high ambient temperature in desert environment. The high cost of solar power for cooling is prohibitive. Hence the widely adopted solution is PASSIVE cooling.

Passive Cooled Shelters provided by Oman Solar Systems Co. LLC (OSS) are highly reliable and are the cost-effective solution for a favorable environment for electronic equipment. These shelters are designed with sandwich type walls of insulation material to reduce the conduction of heat from the external ambient environment. The heat generated inside the shelter is removed using the well-known thermosiphon phenomenon.

Application of Passive Cooled Shelters: Microwave stations, Satellite communication - Earth stations, Base repeater stations, Power stations, Switching stations, Gas & Oil pipelines SCADA station.