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Rectifier Systems 

The rectifier devices comprise parallel-connected rectifier modules in which the rectification of the mains voltage into a controlled and smoothed DC voltage is effected. In case of a power failure, the batteries, which are also parallel connected, ensure an uninterruptible supply to the load. After mains recovery, the batteries will be recharged.

A typical DC Rectifier system includes rectifiers, control and monitoring modules, AC distribution for rectifier input, DC distribution, batteries, and low voltage disconnect options.

By means of up-to-date monitoring modules, the processing of all monitoring and control functions is microprocessor-controlled, and corresponding LCD displays indicate the system status.

OSS has been providing rectifier systems and services to the needs of the customers in Telecom, IT and Oil/gas sector. These systems are custom made to the load requirements of the customer with backup. These systems are most suited for the application, where reliable and clean source of power is the basic requirement. OSS has experience in design, installation and commissioning of these systems for various clients in Telecom and Oil/gas Sector.

OSS is the representative for Eltek Valere products, in Oman. Eltek Valere offers rectifiers having output power ranging from 60 W up to 4,000 W. All are plug-in units intended for parallel operation in a DC power system. All of Eltek systems use state of the art "hot plug-in" switchmode rectifiers for easily upgradable system power capability. Multiple rectifiers operate in parallel to ensure redundant operation.

OSS has number of installations of these systems at Petroleum Development Oman, Oman Telecommunications, Ministry of Civil Aviation etc.