Solar Power System for Domestic & Commercial Application

Other Applications

Solar Traffic Lights

State-of-the art traffic signals, using ultra bright LEDs powered by solar energy can be supplied by OSS. These reduce the electrical power consumption by 85%. The systems are configured to meet the requirements at each junction in terms of the number of signal heads, programming for the duration of signal and blinkers and the configuration of the battery and the solar modules.The systems are also configured for fully AC operation, fully DC operation or a hybrid configuration.

Solar Desalination System

Sources of drinking water are shrinking, while populations are growing. Solar-powered desalination is an attractive idea in all parts of the world where fresh water is scarce but seawater and sun are plentiful and particularly so in remote areas without grid electricity or good supplies of petrol or diesel.

In many places of the world drinking water of acceptable quality has become a scarce commodity. More and more often only brackish water or polluted water is available. This brings about an increasing interest in new desalination technologies suitable also for decentralised locations.