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Passive Cooled Enclosures

When the batteries are installed inside a ventilated traditional outdoor enclosure under the shade (outdoor), the operating temperature may reach more than 50°C in desert environment.

Passive Cooled enclosures manufactured by (OSS) will provide longer battery life than those installed in traditional outdoor enclosures. The life of a battery is dependent on the temperature. The higher the temperature, the lesser the life.

These enclosures are completely passive without any moving parts and use thermo-syphon principle to provide reduction in the temperature which improves battery life. These enclosures can also be used for housing small electronic equipment.

The enclosures are designed for specific application and for the weather conditions prevailing at the installation site. OSS has designed and supplied Passive Cooled battery enclosures for different customers and the experience shows that the battery operating temperature is less by 12°C to 14°C when the peak ambient temperature is 50°C to 52°C.


  • Increases battery/ equipment life.
  • Reduces temperature cycling.
  • Improves system reliability.
  • Reduced maintenance cost.
  • Vandal proof.
  • No moving parts.
  • No external energy required.